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How reliable are the articles on the NY Times?

Not very, although print is more reliable (due to it being placed on paper record), the news is better measured by sincerity than truth.

The associated press groups or press associations have a philosophy “If it bleeds it leads”, this is precisely where their loyalty lies.

I would suggest viewing news from the point of quantum mechanics. Everything is possible, everything is happening and anything can happen. This means that whatever the media choose to bring to your attention contains a certain truth, to hook you and some fabrication to steer you, since everything is possible but dependant on your angle of observation, just as the sun never really goes down.

As I write, it is a fact that somewhere in the world cancer is killing a man but it is also true that the same man is killing cancer. What percentage is dominating his condition is relevant only to the story and the point being made. Will we ever hear about it? Probably not; unless the author (magician) wishes to make a particular and timely example, that story will remain parked in an archive until it is needed.

All major news is reported from this perspective as it is no more than a business platform for selling stories to move economies, nothing more and we all know the meaning of ‘story’. We read the news because we want to repeat those stories, it’s a confidence-boosting social habit and possibly an extension of the comfort of our bedtime tales as children.

If you notice the inescapable impact of news, you’ll recognise that the topic in the street, office and home is always the topic in the news. As of this writing, try to go a single day without discussing Covid 19. On recognising this, ask yourself if terrorism is on vacation, or if Trump is still being impeached or whether black lives still matter?

You’ll soon find that the domination and the vast connectivity of organised news networks steer the datasphere, grossly affecting our world and since we are all undoubtedly connected, we are letting news shape our reality.

In this day and age, especially and specifically now … and I say this with disappointment, there are no reliable sources for anything. Man has made truth a convenience and money an avenue for expressing opportune data, in the absence of honour. Even the journalist’s story, with all its dedication and sincerity, is suspended in space and only considered when it fits with a chosen agenda that benefits investors–period.

If you truly wish to find news, you have to literally think like a PI to see through the defecation of the PA, digging far and deep. You will need to develop an eye for impartiality and at the same time, a nose for malfeasance.

You will, however, notice that ALL online stories that are credited with an actual journalist’s name provide a level of accountability; whereas stories permitted to go out, signed with corporate fictions such as PA, AP or staff writer, assume no personal blame for the result of their disclosure. For this reason, statistics are inflamed, ignored or misquoted and libelous/slanderous words are chosen to create the desired effect. The result: no comeback.

Had the general public been aware of it this, news would have a different meaning and our whirled would have been a glorious and magnificent world.

All that is to say: no commercial media, missioned to sell stories, are reliable, none. Only independent media (sometimes) contains the sincerity that could eventually be credited with reliable news. Stated with the caveat that most independent media is being pursued and consumed (in vast portions) by tech billionaires. As many articles and questions that I have addressed with truth and integrity on ‘independent platforms such as Quora and Huffington Post, one press of a button can cause my service to become ether as though it never were – democracy can live only where there are humans.

From the Quora Platform

by Angel Pre-Quora ban

Angel – Scribe

Mallence Bart Williams. A breathtaking punch in the heart with the inconvenient truth.

The following journalists, Nassima, Raif and Ali, are currently languishing behind bars because of the articles or blog posts they wrote, or in some cases for nothing more than a tweet. Many of them have been mistreated and even tortured in detention.

Essential learning

If you’re disabled and have been coerced into wearing a mask ☝🏽

When a man is imprisoned for sharing relevant/classified information with the general public, while we ignored his findings: it’s seriously time for change. Over 400 journalists have joined this operation. If you are a journalist please (momentarily leave the Qor site) sign a petition for Julian Assange’s release by clicking on his likeness above.

The stuff the brain tells you to believe is fiction.

Nils Melzer about Julian Assange. Angel Fox media blog. Julian Assange’s plea at the end of his talk with Milzer

Press button above to leave Qor for Angel Fox Media for update Julian Assange

Download Suelette Dreyfus & Julian Assange. Hacking and espionage

Although the information above does not imply shedding our responsibility towards the possibility of spreading a communicable disease, the statement is one that instills faith in a now desperate world community. We are a culture starved of good news. Enjoy

Life on a circuit board

If empathy is present within there is still hope. An essential and emotional race relationship discussion amongst sensitive men.

An interesting irony. Paedophile, Jimmy Savile, questioned by kids. Leave Qor and read more.

A study conducted by Dr. Ben Crewe of Cambridge University, Institute of Criminology, found that nearly one in five of those convicted for the crime of Joint Enterprise were 18 or younger when sentenced; and all of them were under 26. There are thousands of children in prison in the UK for crimes they didn’t commit but became guilty by association–they call it Joint Enterprise.

Obviously one of the men above couldn’t handle hard-time like these children. Let’s see if the other is even convicted since he allegedly co-conspired – don’t hold your breath. Click on Epstein or his friend to leave Sed for a great article

Allowing tasty cookies allows over 200 greedy businesses to track your computer activity. Press here to download a list of a few from just one mail server

There’s still much love out here

SYRIA- NATO’s Next “Humanitarian” War?

2012, Chossudovski‘s prophetic booK on a coming Syrian conflict.

Download above.

SYRIA- NATO’s N/H/W?.pdf

5G ?

Download a conclusive report on the harmful effects of 5 g by clicking the 5 g above


Shoshana Zuboff gives us the red pill, a shocking reality check

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes the message that comes through the individual is lost in people’s disdain for the character. Maybe there is a lesson in taking the message and not the messenger

CORONA cause 1 and 2 below – essential WATCH

The truth of our current world unwrapped in less than thirty minutes

32,000 homeless in the UK. This is Andy, just one. Please support Invisible people

For the homeless

West London – Paddington Station, Praed Street, W2 1RH –Go down the main slope, take a right turn at the bottom, follow along the wall that houses Pret a Manger, walk past the waiting room to the toilets, there are male and female showers for use. If you are homeless this is a decent, clean service and FREE!

It’s what you do in private that matters. Maybe the invisible people are the only true qualified politicians

Google to Block All Anti-Cancer, ‘Anti-Vax’ and Anti-GMO Websites. This may mean Qor’s Fed and others

The internet (clear web) is being held hostage by corporations to control the free flow of information, translates the message above

Say nothing

Extinction Rebellion: earth preservation. Leave Qor and read article

‘Billions For Bankers Debts For The People’ Written by Sheldon Emry

Sheldon Emery, a true game of monopoly

Billion For Bankers by Sheldon Emery

Download above

Recycled indigenous practices, that’s how to remedy climate change. Allan Savory’s practical desertification fix

Walt Heyer, a transexual apostate, offers support for transgender individuals with regrets

leave Sed for

Paula Stone Williams with a tear-jerking, unintended tribute to women

Prophetic wisdom. Forty years later organised media manages to bring a silly joke to life – The Life of Brian, 1979

Graham Brown-Martin. An African education program exposed. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation’s commercial agenda

Education in Africa Leave site and join Graham Brown-Martin for more, on Medium

The times are creating quantum holes in our atmospheric veil whereby much of the abstract is poring in

Here’s a rare first-hand account from a local Bahamian woman… forget it Facebook took it away.

Pastor – Otis Moss III, from The Chicago Church of Christ – delivers one of the most insightful sermons ever about a little known fact about your cell phones: Coltan

To be faster or healthier? 5G danger. Uploaded by ardent Lee Garrett.

Jeff Buckley’s wise father. Sometimes you have to go back to understand that we haven’t moved too far forward.

Here’s a red pill read. Mary Elizabeth Croft. Money and debt instruments.

In the name of democracy, Nate Martin condenses 100 years into just 12 minutes.

Julian Assange, unworthy of attentionl. RIP

Account by Journalist Craig Murray. For Assange’s current state leave Qor to visit

Should Africa be wary of this man’s plan? Leave Sed and read on

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Eli Pariser explains precisely why Qor sites exist

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